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Landlord Gets Caught Offering Free Rent To 'Submissive Females' In Exchange For 'Playtime'


As the pandemic rages on, one-third of Americans have found themselves unable to pay rent, and some landlords are capitalizing on this misfortune.

Inside Edition uncovered a Craiglist ad by a man calling himself “Eddie.” His ad read: "Room Share for Submissive Female."

It continued: "During these hard times covid-19 has thrown many in a tail spin... If you are a submissive female (20- 50) years old and into the SM lifestyle on a moderate to extreme level... and wanting to barter session/playtime once per week in lieu of rent we should talk."


Inside Edition Alycia Powers, posing as a potential renter, responded to the ad. Eddie texted back, stating that he wanted to try out the “arrangement” in a hotel room first. He then gave her instructions on what to do.

Powers said, "He says to wear my hair down, no jewelry and minimal makeup. And then meet him in the room, undress and put on a pair of stilettos he got me."

Powers drove to Days Inn in Long Island, wearing a hidden camera. A team of producers followed, and they strategically positioned themselves throughout the parking lot. Eddie texted Powers, telling her that he had already checked in, and then asked her to meet him by his room.

Thinking of her safety, she asked him to meet her by her car. He pulled up next to her car moments later. The Inside Edition crew came up to his car and identified themselves.

He was asked whether he was trying to take advantage of women amidst the pandemic. He replied: "No. She had the choice to take up on the offer." He denied that the arrangement included sex.


Christina Nolan, the U.S. attorney for the District of Vermont has been tasked by Attorney General William Barr to investigate reports that some landlords are requesting sex in exchange for rent.

She said, "It's a despicable thing to do. It's not going to be tolerated and it's not legal."

Eddie later apologized, stating that he was "truly sorry" and that he really was a "decent guy."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Inside Edition

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