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Kindergarten Teacher Faces Backlash Over Making A Student 'Eat His Own Feces'


A 67 year old teacher from Few Primary School in Texas has been arrested after an allegation that she had subjected a child to a case of ‘official suppression’, one where the mistreatment of the student had ‘caused him to eat his own feces.’

The Jasper Independent School District’s Superintendent, Dr. Steve Hyden had also said that the allegations had been reported on the same day as the alleged incident.

Hyden said to 12 News: “The district has cooperated fully during the investigation of this matter and will continue to do so.”

“As this is a sensitive student and personnel matter, the district cannot provide further details about the incident. However, the issue of the safety and well-being of Jasper students is out top priority.”

The perpetrator, Mamie Aplon, daughter of former Jasper Mayor R.C Horn had been set with a bond of $10,000 and had been arraigned last Friday by County Judge Mark Allen and has been indicted by the Jasper County grand jury on October 31st.

As of late, Aplon is still listed in the school’s official website as a teacher.


Aplon’s friends and family think otherwise, however, saying that the veteran teacher was “a compassionate teacher who loves all of her students.”

Nancy Pace, a fellow educator has stated on her Facebook Page “I had the pleasure of two years of recess with this lady and she sure did teach me a lot about teaching.”

She also continued: “She always loved her kids so much! In fact, in the summer following my first year teaching she enlisted my help for her project of feeding students that summer. Kids called her saying they were hungry and she fed them.”

If found guilty, she will be facing over a year in jail with a whopping $4,000 in fines and charges.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Stomp Down

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