Karma For Couple That Laughed While Dog’s Teeth Were Smashed

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In the United Kingdom, a young couple was caught doing something brutal and cruel. 22-year-old Daniel Cheslin was caught on camera brutalizing a dog on the block of numerous apartments in Smiths Wood. The video contains a lot of graphic footage. In the clip, Cheslin pulls his dog so hard into the front of an elevator that the dog’s teeth get smashed

CCTV footage caught the horrible moment for all to see. Not only did Chesline abused the animal, but his girlfriend was also then caught on camera, smiling and laughing, as the dog suffered.


The Birmingham Crown Court watched the footage and learned from prosecutors just how bad the abuse was and to what extent Cheslin hurt the dog.

The poor dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier by the name of Rudy, and CCTV footage also captured other things Cheslin did to it. Because the footage was so violent and gruesome, the person in charge of monitoring the CCTV camera alerted authorities and shared the video footage after they came across it last July.

The footage came from the camera installed at the Bedford House, Sanda Croft, Smiths Wood. Cheslin, who is homeless, was staying with his girlfriend, Jade Bellingham when he committed the heinous act of unnecessary aggression toward the pooch.


The CCTV captured three separate incidents, which were all shared at Birmingham Crown Court.

The first clip showed Cheslin taking the dog into the elevator with his girlfriend. He abused the dog, kicking it and then punching its spine.

Another clip in the elevator shows Cheslin and his girlfriend in there with another man. At this point, the abusive homeless Cheslin does something that left prosecutors cringing.

“Cheslin then pulls the dog so that he seems to lift off from the floor,” prosecutor Sarah Pratt said. “He hits the back of the lift with such force it caused the CCTV camera to shake.”


Other clips show Cheslin pushing the dog’s buttocks down to the ground and then tapping it on the nose. These small acts of abuse are demonstrative of what he does on a regular basis. And to think, these incidents were call caught while the couple was riding the elevator. What do you think Cheslin is doing to Rudy when they’re alone in the apartment together?

After Rudy was rescued from Cheslin’s abusive custody, a veterinary surgeon saw that Rudy had lost both front teeth. The teeth were thought to have been lost on the elevator when Cheslin slammed the dog into its wall.

Besides the missing teeth, the dog also had a head injury and a blood-shot eye, which was thought to have been caused by a punch or kick to the face.


Cheslin not only attacked and abused Rudy. He also committed acts of animal cruelty to a bull mastiff puppy by the name of John. The puppy had come under Cheslin and his girlfriend’s care recently.

A witness had heard the dog “yelp” as the couple argued. Apparently, Cheslin would take out his frustrations at the world out on the innocent dogs. Cheslin was also caught picking the puppy up by the folds of its skin and slamming it down like it was a punching bag.

Cheslin was jailed for 12 months and banned from owning animals for 15 years.

Sources: Birmingham Live / Photo Credit: Post Image

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