Karma Catches Up With Man Who Kicked 78-Year-Old Grandma In Face

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When people do bad things to other people – like commit physical violence – we always hope that karma would catch up to them. But for the so-called “granny kicker,” who was discovered to be working as a dishwasher at a fancy, and celebrity-favorite restaurant in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, karma caught up almost immediately – and with a vengeance.

In a video, Marc Gomez, the dishwasher at the restaurant, was caught kicking an old woman in the head. They were riding public transportation in New York City. The old woman was holding onto the strap to keep on her feet as the vehicle moved about, but Gomez started abusing her with violent intentions.


Because Gomez was caught on tape, the police were able to find other people to help identify him. Eventually, a worker at the Tribeca eatery called Frenchette managed to identify Gomez with some certainty. Police followed the lead and were able to take the “granny kicker” into custody.

The fellow Frenchette worker noticed Gomez in the video and called in the tip to the police. They could not believe that otherwise mild-mannered Gomez was violent while riding public transportation. But the evidence was clear – and it was undeniable. That was Gomez on the clip, and there was nothing anyone could do about it – except track him down and administer proper justice.

Frenchette was ashamed to know that Gomez was wanted for a violent crime. Earlier in the week, they had hosted a star-studded event, which included Sebastian Stan, Justin Theroux, and Lucas Hedges, among other elites.

It took a few days before police were able to get to him, but once they did, they handcuffed Gomez at the restaurant on Saturday. He was charged with beating the 78-year-old woman while riding the 2 train in New York. The incident occurred back on March 10 and police tracked him down at the restaurant where he’d worked for the past year.

Alicia Cox was Gomez’s fiancé. She claimed that he was a chef who oversaw people.

“He just got a promotion,” Cox said. He “overseas people” and has a lot of power at Frenchette, which is a celebrity magnet.

However, it seems that Gomez may have been lying to his fiancé about his employment status at the restaurant. A spokesperson for the establishment labeled Gomez as a dishwasher, not a managerial chef. They also claimed that following his arrest, he no longer worked at the establishment in Tribecca.

The owners of the restaurant released a statement to The New York Post writing that they were “horrified and saddened to learn that one of our employees committed such an awful, unimaginable offense. When it was discovered that the unidentified person in the video was an employee, we responded immediately, extending full cooperation to law enforcement, and assisted as per their direction. Needless to say, this was an incredibly heinous, senseless act.”

Gomez now waits for his trial in New York.

What do you think about the way Gomez beat the elderly woman on the train?

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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