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Judicial Candidate Sparks Controversy For Sharing 'Insensitive' Posts On Facebook


Shawn McMillan, a San Diego County Superior Court judicial candidate, is under fire for sharing Facebook posts with racist, sexist, and transphobic messages, among other things.

Some posts mock transgender people, another post suggests ways of getting rid of illegal immigrants, while another claims that former President Barrack Obama is racist.

53-year-old MacMillan told KPBS that he was a civil rights and plaintiffs attorney. He admitted that some of his posts were “insensitive,” but he stood by them.


He said, “I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t do it. It’s there. I did do it.”

He added, “Had I known before November that I would be jumping into politics ... I might have been like all the other candidates and kept all my views secret and hidden from everybody."

The posts are not available anymore, and they may have been deleted or moved to a private page.

One of McMillan’s posts read: “I was asked, ‘Are you happy with a racist president?’ I said, ‘Absolutely not. We replaced him with Donald Trump.’”

He stood by his statement, and continued, “That’s my view. I think Obama did more things to create division, cultural division in our country than he did to heal. And that’s not what we need. We need a lot of healing.”


He shared a post by the Minuteman Militia, which showed photos of Monica Lewinsky, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and California Senator Kamala Harris with the caption: “When Nobody Knew Who You Were, Until You Got On Your Knees.”

He talked about Harris’s romantic ties with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, saying: “I thought it was funny, I thought it was interesting. You heard the news about her and Willie Brown bandied about and all that stuff.”

Talking about gun control, saying: “I own guns, I absolutely own guns,” McMillan said. “It’s a fundamental individual right, for sure.”

In a post about gender identity, he shared a message showing two $1 bills and the caption: “If I had a dollar for every gender there is, I’d have two dollars and a bunch of counterfeits.”


He asked: “Realistically, it’s a mechanical issue. How many genders are there?”

He also posted this: “Stop all welfare to illegal aliens and they’ll deport themselves.”

However, he said that his post wasn’t anti-immigrant.

“My wife is an immigrant. My sister-in-law is an immigrant. She’s from Mexico. They’re all legal immigrants. I absolutely support immigration. That is the lifeblood of our society and culture. But there are rules that people have to follow,” he said.

Kamaal Martin, political action chair of the San Diego branch of the NAACP, slammed the posts, writing: “Disgusting, absolutely reprehensible and abhorrent. We understand what’s at stake and we will not allow people like this to fly below the radar and receive the votes of not just people of our community but anyone’s community.”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: KPBS

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