Journalist Slammed Online Over '3rd Grade' Math Error, Blames Backlash On 'Racism'

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A New York Times journalist, who was extensively ridiculed for making a conspicuous math error while appearing on MSNBC last week, states the backlash she's receiving was rooted in racism.

NY Times editorial board member Mara Gay responded to the mockery she received on Twitter after committing a math error. Gay immediately became an online sensation but not in a good way.

In the article, entitled, My People Have Been Through Worse Than a Twitter Mob, Gay fulminated against the unrelenting criticisms she received for making one mistake.

"We are living in a world where there is no grace for the smallest, most inconsequential mistake. In an instant, I became a target of those who are furious with the media for being too liberal, or not liberal enough, a totem for the grievances of millions of people who seem to be hurting. No doubt, some people piled on because they just wanted the “likes” and brushed aside the inconvenient fact that I was a human being," Gay wrote.

Gay also reiterated that the hate she's receiving is rooted in racism.

"I am a black woman who writes for The New York Times and appears on national TV. And if you’re black in America, no matter who you are, what you accomplish or how hard you work, there will always be people to remind you that you are black, that you are “just a nigger.” Gay stated.

Despite Gay's defense against the online hate she received from Twitter, many users still think that she's just "playing the victim."

"Correction: People who can do basic math mocked you. Then, as usual, you blamed "racism" like all liberals do," Twitter user Mark Dice tweeted.

"NYT’s Mara Gay plays victim card after sucking at math on the Bloomberg numbers She is now blaming racism," another user tweeted.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Fox News

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