Jealous Mom Thinks Husband Loves 3-Week-Old Daughter More Than Her, Takes Drastic Measures

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When a mother thought that her husband loved their daughter, she reacted a lot differently than most parents. Usually, it is a source of relief to know that both parents love their child. It means the little one is going to grow up in a home where it gets a lot of attention and is showered with affection and love.

However, one mother from Rivne in northwest Ukraine, could not stand to watch her husband shower their three-week-old daughter with love and attention. She became so jealous that she decided to slit the baby’s throat and forever sever dad and baby in this world.


The mother, 21-years-old, could not stand the thought that her husband, 26, loved their daughter more than her. That’s why she decided to take a knife to the tiny baby’s throat and end her life rather than try to deal with the complicated feelings and emotions that come with being a parent.

For legal reasons in Ukraine, the mother cannot yet be named. Although she is in police custody after killing her child at the family’s apartment in Rivne.

Allegedly, the woman attacked and killed the baby when the husband took a trip out to the garbage cans to help clean up the house. Upon his return to the apartment, the husband saw something he never thought he’d witness in all his days on the planet. His wife was covered in blood. The young father rushed to the bedroom and saw that their beloved baby girl was murdered. Her tiny body was lying motionless in a growing pool of her own blood. It was a gruesome and nightmarish scene that the father saw.


Because the father did not know what else to do and did not really understand what happened – that his wife murdered their baby because she was jealous that he loved the little one – he called emergency services. However, paramedics could do nothing to revive the tiny baby as her mother had done irreparable damage when she slit the newborn’s throat.

The grieving father’s mother, Maria Momot told the media: “He went out for a few minutes and she grabbed a kitchen knife and cut the child’s throat open.”

You cannot get a more direct and gruesome description than that. The grandmother of the baby said that her 21-year-old daughter-in-law had been jealous that the father loved the baby. And when she thought that her husband loved the baby more than her, she decided to kill the newborn.


“My son and I loved the child very much. We gave her all our thoughts and care.”

This is the kind of treatment parents hope to shower onto their beloved babies.


Maria Momot added, “(The murderous mother) was jealous. She thought that her husband loved their child more than her. This morning I bathed my little granddaughter, and now she is gone. I cannot believe that it all happened to our family.”

Police found the kitchen knife, the murder weapon, covered in blood.

What do you think about this gruesome murder and its motivation?

Sources: AWM / Photo Credit: AWM

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