Illinois To Allow Head Coverings In ID Photos After Complaints From Religious Groups

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Following complaints from Sikh and Muslim groups, the state of Illinois has reportedly asked DMV employees to let individuals with religious head coverings to keep them on while getting their photo IDs or driver’s licenses.

According to Fusion news, the Illinois Secretary of State's office will be sending out fliers to remind DMV workers that “articles of faith” are legally allowed.

Last year, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund’s executive director, Jasjit Singh, told Fusion: "We had been getting complaints from around the states from Sikh Americans who were being asked to remove or modify their turbans to get their photo ID."

The group reached out to the Chicago chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, and discovered that Muslim women were also being asked to take off their head coverings.

“It's illegal to ask people to remove their head covering and the fliers will be a reminder for state employees to respect religious diversity,” a spokesperson for Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, told Fusion.

"The video included in this article (as well as the article's cover photo) is unrelated to the news of Illinois' decision to allow head coverings in driver's license photos. The video is from 2009 and shows a Muslim woman getting her driver's license photo taken in the state of Oklahoma. We only included this video in the article to provide a visual representation of the article's content."

Sources: Newsmax / Photo Credit: CAIRtv

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