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If You See This Man, Call 911 Immediately


Be careful of a man masquerading around wearing a Yale University coat. He has been reported to have a tendency to sucker-punch innocent people. The individual, who recently targeted a woman who worked for an NYC Speaker, sought her out and punched her while she was out on the sidewalk. It was a low-blow, so to speak because he punched her when she was not expecting it and then he ran away like a five-year-old child.

The abuser targeted the 27-year-old woman and punched her in the head as she was walking and going about her business in Brooklyn. The attack occurred on March 9, 2019, and left the woman injured and scared.


Police are now on the lookout for the attacker. He bombarded the woman with his fists in the Crown Heights neighborhood along the popular Nostrand Avenue strip near the park.

Video footage captured the attack. Now the NYPD has released the footage in a way for NYC residents to help them find the attacker who was wearing the state’s rival Connecticut school’s jacket.


The footage shows the victim, who had just crossed the street when the suspect came out of nowhere and struck her down. He was last seen wearing the Yale coat. He was very sneaky, as he walked up to his victim quietly and threw the punch that left her injured and afraid. After the punch, the man walks away as the woman he victimized falls to the ground. He must have really needed to prove his manhood to himself if he needed to attack an unsuspecting woman to give his ego a boost.

The cowardly assailant fled the area after the assault. Police caught him on surveillance video heading north out of the area along Nostrand Avenue.

The woman, who was injured, took herself to a local hospital where she was treated for injuries to her head. The man’s sucker-punch had done damage to her.


The woman allegedly works for NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson. It is unclear if the woman was targeted for the attack because of her career or if it was just a random incident.

Since the attack on his subordinate, the office of spokesperson Johnson has not issued a comment.


Another videotape was recently released that shows the attacker inside a nearby store. He seemed to be browsing the shelves, waiting for the perfect moment to attack the woman and then leave. Although he seems to have gotten away with the crime, the NYPD is hard at work looking to identify the man and has asked locals to come forward if they believe they witnessed the surprise attack.

The NYPD may also have leads that they are pursuing that were not released to the press. For all we know, the police could be only a few steps behind the attacker and are ready to arrest him. He is probably struggling to sleep at night.

What do you make of this surprise attack on the streets of Brooklyn? Do you think it was a politically motivated ambush?

Sources: NBC New York / Photo Credit: Post Image

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