Husband Cannot Believe Who He Catches In Bed With Wife (Video)

O. Jermaine Simmons, a well-known Florida pastor, was caught in a compromising position when a husband came home and caught him in bed with the man's wife. After the pastor's high-profile scandal, he apologized to his congregation in a video (below) that is going viral.

"I'm hurting because I've hurt you," Simmons says in the video, recorded by a parishioner at Jacob Chapel Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, and uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 22. "I can't speak to people on the outside. I am not Tallahassee's pastor. I am not Florida's pastor. I am Jacob Chapel's pastor.  It hurts me that you have to defend my actions. You cannot defend sin."

The incident began on Jan. 17, when a husband came home and found his wife in bed with the last person anyone would expect -- their 36-year-old pastor, who is a married father, according to The Washington Post.

The woman said that Simmons went to her house to discuss starting a business to provide clothes and shoes for children in need, but they ended up having sex in her daughter's bed.

Meanwhile, her husband rushed over to their 6-year-old son's school to pick him up, as he was not feeling well.

Once the husband came home with his son, he allegedly walked in on the affair, yelled, "I'm going to kill him," and went to retrieve a handgun from his room, the police report said. Simmons reportedly ran out of the apartment naked, hopped a fence and hid in the bushes, leaving his clothes and car keys in the apartment.

The woman pleaded with her husband not to shoot the well-known author of "I Need a Man" in front of their son, but the man pushed by and went searching for him. Simmons escaped, and police diffused the situation and helped the pastor retrieve his clothing and car, even though the husband had threatened to bring them to church and expose him.

The story blew up on social media, where Simmons has remained silent. His speech to his 4,000-person congregation has been viewed nearly 90,000 times, as of Jan. 31.

"What I want from God, I have already received - that’s his forgiveness, " Simmons says in his address, which received widespread applause. "What I am asking of our members is your prayers and your forgiveness."

Sources: The Washington Post, YouTube / Photo credit: Carolyn Fitzpatrick/Wikimedia Commons

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