Hotel Sparks Outrage For Posting Sign Targeting Service Members

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Photo Credit: CBS Local News

Photo Credit: CBS Local News

On its Facebook page, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Colorado Springs posted an apology. It was for refusing to serve members of the military at their hotel’s bar.

As posted Aimee Osbourne, hundreds of Facebook users shared a photo of the sign at the hotel bar that stated: “NO LONGER SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL & THEIR GUEST(S)."

Photo Credit: CBS Local News

Photo Credit: CBS Local News

The sign has since been removed due to the backlash.

News5 talked with Osbourne. She Osbourne wanted everyone to know that she had felt no ill will towards the hotel.

She said, “I’m regretful that anyone had to lose their livelihood.”

According to the General Manager of the hotel, Daniel Kammerer, two employees had “acted without the proper authority” and that they are “no longer employed at the property.”

He further stated that they had reached out and apologized, and that “our property is one that welcomes all, especially the men and women who serve our country.”

Photo Credit: CBS Local News

Photo Credit: CBS Local News

According to Osbourne, who was a disabled veteran and whose husband is currently serving, their group was conducting an army grog, which is a ceremony wherein a unit honors those who have served, POWs/MIAs status, and those lost.

There was also no bad behavior on the roughly 600 people in attendance, but the hotel staff started blocking access to the grog. The staff then told them that they would only serve hotel guests after that. It was a private event, and they had paid a lot of money.

She and the others who organized the event then spoke with the General Manager about the incident and the actions of the employees. Kammerer then proceeded to apologize and stated in a Facebook post, “two of our team members acted without proper authority to close and exclude military guests from our hotel’s bar.” Osbourne accepted their apology.

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