Homeless Woman Attacks Elderly Veteran After He 'Refuses' To Give Her Money For Hotel

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Photo Credit: City News

Photo Credit: City News

62-year-old Randy McDonald, a former US Air Force medic, was attacked outside his apartment building by a homeless woman after her told her he couldn’t afford to pay for her hotel room. The police are now looking for the woman who punched, kicked, and shouted at McDonald.

Police have released footage of the incident, which occurred in Santa Ana, California, last month.

The incident began when the woman, who was carrying three large bags, started screaming outside the apartment block, which is mostly occupied by formerly homeless veterans.

Photo Credit: City News

Photo Credit: City News

Half an hour later, McDonald, concerned for the woman, went downstairs to offer help. He assumed that she was homeless, and he was worried that she was cold. He then invited her into the building’s lobby.

Speaking to CBS, he said: “She was screaming for about 20-30 minutes, and we were pretty much told to call the police. But, you know, I was a medic, so I went down there to check on her to try to help her out.”

She asked him to make some calls on her behalf, and he readily obliged. However, the situation escalated when she asked him for money to pay for a hotel room.

McDonald explained to her that he had been homeless for the better part of the decade, and that he had just gotten off the streets in June. He then told her that he couldn’t afford the room.

Photo Credit: City News

Photo Credit: City News

After his response, the woman attacked him, McDonald stated.

Police stated that the woman grabbed McDonald by his shirt and punched him in the face multiple times. She then walked away, leaving him with minor injuries.

McDonald said: “She started punching me, like that, and she's a big woman, you know. And she just started punching.”

Officer Sonia Rojo of the Santa Ana Police Department stated that they were hoping someone could identify the assailant. 

Photo Credit: City News

Photo Credit: City News

“He was trying to help out of the goodness of his heart. He's concerned for her safety and goes out to help her and she just takes advantage of him and starts to hit him several times in the face,” she said.

Police describe the woman as black, aged 20-30, and 5ft 2in tall.

At the time of the attack, she was wearing a pink jacket and leggings.

Sources: America Now

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