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High School Teacher Turns Heads After Hanging 'Controversial' Flags In Virtual Classroom

A Milford teacher’s choice of decorations for his virtual classroom has sparked controversy on social media.

Visible in the background of the virtual classroom was a Black Lives Matter flag and a rainbow flag.

A parent who wished to remain anonymous sent a picture of the background to the Facebook page "Hicks Watchdog."

The parent told Local 12: “My daughter attends Milford high school. During her virtual session, I could not help but notice the background of her math teacher’s screen. I don’t think teachers should inject political ideology, sexual orientation, or social causes into math class. I hope Milford gets a clear policy in place to stop this and educates parents and students as to why teachers interjecting these things into class is not appropriate.”

Ethan Chiapelli, a 2020 graduate from Milford, stated that he wasn't surprised.

He said: “I understand for like history teachers and government teachers, it's a little different because there is a lot of historical context to political movements. For a math teacher whose job has nothing to do with politically relevant situations, they don't need to add something like that to a classroom.”

Milford Superintendent, John Spieser, released a statement saying: “This has been addressed internally per our policy. The teacher in the photo captured on social media is a Milford High School teacher. We fully value, embrace, and support our students, staff and community members and the rich diversity that is brought to our schools and this community. We want to make sure that our students and staff know that there are people throughout this district who care about them and support them."

Sources: America Now

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