Here’s What Just Happened To House Of Woman Who Shouted N-Word At 2 Shoppers

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In New Haven, Connecticut, there has been a burglary. But it does not seem to be a random occurrence. The woman whose home it was the very same woman who was at the center of the hateful, racist tirade video. Her property along Quinnipiac Avenue had its copper piping stolen from it. Her name is Corinne Magoveny-Terrone, and since her video went viral, she’s not getting the same preferred and privileged treatment that she has been accustomed to.

You might remember Corinne as the woman shopping at the East Haven ShopRite location. She had become infuriated and was hurling hateful and disgusting racial slurs at an African American man who was simply trying to finish his grocery shopping chore.

When the video surface, Corinne was forced to resign from her job as a clerk in a local school district. Once people realized that she harbored racist beliefs and hateful prejudices toward African Americans, it did not make sense for her to work in a public field that is supposed to serve the entire community, and not just students and individuals who meet her preferred racial bias.

Corinne worked with Hamden Public Schools until the video of her being racist toward a black man went viral. She was also reported to child protective services authorities because she exhibited violent tendencies around the children in her care. During the incident, Corinne blasted the African American couple with the n-word, again and again, trying to express her anger while shopping at the ShopRite location in East Haven, Connecticut.

The video went viral on March 16 and forced the racist woman to resign from her post at the school district.

Not only did Corrinne Terrone, 40, issue the racist slurs toward the fellow shoppers, but she also spat in their direction at the end of the video. She is with two young children in the video, whom she identifies as “my kids.”

Because the incident was considered a “traumatic” event, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families stepped right in to investigate how Terrone handles raising her children and if she is a suitable mother or not.

After Heavy, the online periodical requested the unedited versions of the 911 calls placed to the East Haven Police Department, it became clear that Terrone had serious anger issues, which may be described as abusive if ever turned upon her children.

“The first call placed was made in error to the Easton, CT police department. On the recordings, she continues her hate-filled speech to a police dispatcher who finally advises her that she has called the wrong police department.”

During the discussion with the dispatcher, she shouts at the public service worker: “Don’t you dare put me on hold. Oh, Jesus Christ.”

During the 911 call, Terrone described what happened at the grocery store:

“He called me a bitch, so I called him a ni**er.”

Then they claimed the man in his electric scooter “threatened me” and so she started “spitting,” which then went “back and forth.”

She told officers that the man was with two “fat black bitches which I won’t call ni**ers because they weren’t behaving like ni**ers. Somebody better do something now …”

Terrone’s racist outburst was her own undoing.

Sources: WFSB / Photo Credit: Post Image

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