Here’s How Casey Anthony Spent St. Patrick’s Day

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Ten years after Casey Anthony’s daughter’s skeletal remains were found inside a trash bag, Anthony has returned to her drinking and partying ways. While wearing a tank top, Anthony was found pounding back beers and other alcoholic beverages during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida, while hopping about the bar, talking to various strange men.

The 32-year-old has returned to the spotlight recently after she and her father have tried to mend their shattered relationship. Over the course of the murder trial that lasted six weeks back in 2011, Anthony revealed that her father had sexually abused her. She was acquitted of all murder, child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter charges and set free.


Now she’s making the most of her freedom as she took a trip to West Palm Beach, Florida with a group of her friends, as she forced other people to take shots of alcohol with her. She was with various men throughout the course of the celebration and was spotted “getting cozy” with one of them in the public bar.

According to Daily Mail, Anthony’s last-known boyfriend was 38-year-old Antony Karagiannis – and he was not present during the drunken festivities. Anthony did not seem to miss having him.


Not only was Anthony celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but she was also celebrating her birthday, which was the following Tuesday. She was with her friends, a group of heavy drinkers, having a great time at O’Shea’s Irish Pub in West Palm Beach. She was there late Saturday night and into the wee-hours, stretching her revelry as long as possible into Sunday while schmoozing with the mystery men in her group.

A source at the bar immediately noticed Anthony and said she was “partying pretty hard and asking people to take shots with her.”


In the images, she is dressed to celebrate the Irish holiday. She’s wearing a green baseball cap and has a tight white tank top on.

Over the last few weeks, Anthony has become a frequent haunt of the West Palm Beach bar scene. She’s been observed getting close and cuddly with various men as she seems to no longer be in a stable relationship with Karagiannis. Their relationship was last confirmed in the fall of 2018. It is unclear if they are still together or if they now have an open relationship or something more complicated.


When Karagiannis, who works a bar, was asked about Anthony’s past, he said he “didn’t care” that she had been on trial for murder. Although he has a child of his own, he said that they were just keeping things “casual.”


Over the last few months, Anthony told Daily Mail that she would not take the offer to do a reality television show because she’s “not the wild child everyone characterizes me to be.” However, she did express interest in possibly taking up the offer from Hustler magazine to do a center spread photo shoot, which would enrage her father even more.


She said, “I turned down big money of doing a reality show. They want to follow your every move, not happening, meaning, I don’t like the parts that I am not in control of. My life is not a script. They wanted to add things that I didn’t. We will leave it at that. I guess the life of Casey wasn’t good enough and wanted to make me more wild to hype up the speculation of me and make what everyone has thought about me all along to be true.”

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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