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Guy Spits In Marine’s Face, Gets A Response He Clearly Wasn’t Expecting


Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that highlight increased tensions between service members and the public throughout the country. 

A group of Marines went to have a good time at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, when they were met by an angry young man. What he did after confronting the Marines shocked everybody.

According to reports, a young man approached a Marine at the music festival and called him a "murderer." The Marine's wife was so shocked by what she was seeing that she decided to pull out her phone and film the incident.

While the man berates the Marine, who is calmly standing with his arms outstretched, other Marines watch to make sure things didn't get out of hand.

The angry young man then spit in two Marines' faces, and a group of Marines started to surround the young man before the video cuts off.

The Marine posted the video on social media with the caption, "guy walked up and spit in my face and another Marines face," adding, "Dude almost got his ass kicked."

According to reports, the altercation was broken up when a Columbus police officer walked over and asked the man to leave.

The Marine wrote in his Facebook post, "A big thanks to Columbus P.D. and Ohio Highway patrol for assisting."

The video quickly went viral and many shared their thoughts on the incident.

"Spitting in someone's face is a crime," one Facebook user wrote. "When I was in law enforcement that man would have been arrested."

"Anyone who puts their life on the line for their country and the people who live there Deserves our respect," another reader commented. "I don't care what you believe, they are following orders. Thank goodness the police came to help cause he could have gotten a serious beating. Praise for the marine's self control, a murderer would not have self control."

"This young man & I mean that in the most dignified way...should be taught manners! Holy crap, I could continue. Regardless of his upbringing, his excuses, he knows right from wrong," another user wrote. "Not a son, nor a man I would be proud of. Thank you to all the individuals, both men & women, who fight for our wellbeing & rights."

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