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Grieving Dad Snaps During Trial Of Son’s Killer, Takes Matters Into Own Hands

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When Frank Dally III got into an argument with Marquis Valentine, things turned heated very fast. However, when Valentine pulled a gun on Frank and killed him, he made a mistake that could not be rolled back. The incident occurred in Lake Worth, Florida on July 31, 2016. Frank Daly III left behind two children after he was shot dead at the Kwik Stop gas station.

It took police some time, but they eventually tracked down Valentine. He was charged with murder and stood trial. On Thursday, he was convicted.


The day that Valentine was due for sentencing was an emotional one. Not only was the father of Frank, the victim, there, so were many of Valentine’s supporters and loved ones. It was a truly wasteful incident that occurred back at the end of July 2016. Because Valentine’s supporters became so emotional and loud, the judge ordered one crying person out of the court.

When the judge read Valentine’s first-degree murder conviction, a person, thought to be a family member of the killer, said, “At least he’s still alive.”


The comments were too much for the father of the slain man to bear. He broke down and started to lunge at the family members of the man being sentenced for murder.

Because the comments uttered in the Florida courtroom were undeniably cruel and unusual, other people started to engage in the brawl. But it was Frank’s father who led the charge. He lunged at the person who spoke those five words and looked ready to draw blood.


If there had not been a guard present to break up the altercation, something much worse could have resulted. Thankfully, no one was hurt that day in the courtroom.

Frank Daly Sr, the grandfather of the slain man, did not want to give up the fight. He continued to fight although he was brought down from a bench.

As people realized that their beloved man was really dead, tears streamed from their eyes. They couldn’t bear to think that Valentine’s family and supporters would say anything bad about the man he killed, and they said that the comment was “disrespectful.”


Valentine was sentenced to life behind bars for killing Frank Daly III. This was the news that sparked the comment in the first place – the fact that he did not receive the death penalty.

In life, Daly worked as a sous chef at Cabo Flats. He was returning home to his beloved fiancée and their child when he was fatally shot in the chest following the altercation with Valentine.


Daly’s family is still grieving although justice has been served.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go from here. It is tough. The gun violence has to stop,” Daly Sr told CBS 12. He flew to Florida with dozens of loved ones from New Jersey. “This is tragic, and they can’t find him. He just runs away. This is grossly unfair and unjustified, and you will get caught.”


What do you think about the comments made in court?

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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