Girlfriend Caught Cheating After Embarrassing Sexting Mistake

A woman was caught cheating after her boyfriend spotted something unusual in her sexts.

The girlfriend, who is only identified as "Jackie," told her boyfriend she was taking a vacation to be alone.

At 4 p.m. Jackie texted her partner a picture of her from the neck down, writing, “Hey baby! Finally got to the hotel, about to take a shower!”

Adding, “Sorry my flight was a little late.”

The boyfriend requested Jackie strip for him by responding back with, “Keep going.”

Jackie followed his request and took off her pink lacy top, exposing her breasts, while only wearing a short denim, skater skirt.

The boyfriend asked her, “Are you alone?” Jackie’s picture shows a suitcase in the bathroom which does not belong to her.

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“Of course! LOL I don’t know anyone in Atlanta,” she replied back, this time sending him a photo with her skirt off.

“Oh ok, what’s your room # again babe?” he then asked.

She texted him her room number and says he should call it if he is doubtful.

“I just asked to be connected to you and they said no Jackie was staying in the hotel,” the boyfriend replied. “I asked if Tom was and they connected to me to room 1422. I can’t believe you think I’m this stupid.”

It turns out, Jackie had booked a plane to Atlanta and bought a hotel room to cheat on him with her boss, according to Elite Daily.

He adds, “Organizing a trip with your f*** boss and pretending like you’re going alone. I knew something was going on between you two."

“BTW there’s a suitcase in the 2nd picture you sent me that I know isn’t yours so don’t even try to deny it.

“All your s*** will be waiting outside for you in trash bags when you get back. Have fun f*** Tom.

“And F*** YOU.”

The Huffington Post reported in July 2015, a woman was caught cheating at a baseball game while sexting.

Two women sitting behind her saw she was sexting another man while her husband was sitting next to her at Turner Field. They quickly snapped a picture of the fiasco and posted it to social media.

Sources: Elite DailyHuffington Post / Photo credit: Elite Daily

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