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Girl Uses Hooters Restroom, Stunned By ‘Chilling’ Sign Hanging Above Toilet


Note: we are republishing this story amid recent reports that suggest many US states are recording record highs in sexual assault incidents. 1 in 3 women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence. More on this here:

A woman who used a Hooter's bathroom was taken aback by the inauspicious sign above the toilet.

The sign had instructions for women on dates that weren't going well. Hooter's, which has an all-female wait staff, is usually considered a restaurant for boys' nights out, rather than for date nights.

The sign posted in the women's bathroom gave information on a secret bar menu:

Are you on a date that isn't going well?

Is your Tinder or Plenty of Fish date not who they said they were on their profile?

Do you feel unsafe, or even just a bit weird?

We're here to help. Just go to the bar and order an Angel Shot.

Neat: Your bartender will escort you to your vehicle.

With ice: Your bartender will call an Uber or Lyft for you.

With lime: Your bartender will call the police.

We'll handle things discreetly, and without a lot of fuss. (We've been there and we want you to know that you're in good hands).

The woman snapped a picture of the sign and posted it to Imgur, with the title, "Hooter's secret menu." The photo eventually made its way to Reddit where it made top page.

Many of the comments regarding the ominous sign are comedic.

"To be fair, if your first date is at Hooters, things are already a bit weird from the outset," wrote one user.

"Looks like someone who works at Hooters uses Reddit," comments another.

Another skeptical user thought the sign was a bad idea:

This is seriously the dumbest s*** ever. If you're in the bathroom, you can text a friend, call the bar to let them know, or call the police. Ordering this idiotic code s*** (that changes every other week) is going to be MORE uncomfortable. At this point, the dude is going to know what you ordered, since its been all over social media. Or what if you order it and the new girl has no clue, so the dude offers to look it up for her. Stop trying to make s*** like this a thing. Its stupid.

Another user tried to explain the purpose of the sign in a rational manner:

To let patrons know that in the event they are put in a situation that is or may turn unsafe that the bar staff are prepared to quickly and discreetly help them out. For example, I doubt that in most situations there's an easy way to tell a busy stranger "I think I had too much to drink and I'm afraid my date is going to take advantage of me," or "I don't want this persistent stranger following me out to my car," or "this person has threatened me but he's my ride/I lost my wallet/he knows where I live."

It would be much easier and less embarrassing if all it took were a (proverbial) wink and a nod; it's reassuring to know that the staff has seen it before and won't make a big deal out of it. Maybe the execution is flawed, and people can ruin anything, but I think it's good that bars are looking out for people who might be made more vulnerable by their goods and services.

Sources: Imgur, Reddit

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