Girl Takes Selfies Before And After Boyfriend Crashes Car Going 112 Miles Per Hour (Photos)


A girl with an apparent selfie addiction snapped photos of herself before, during and after her boyfriend crashed his car while they were driving over 100 miles per hour.

The incident, which reportedly took place in Portgual, played out over a series of selfies via the photo app Snapchat, according to Mad World News. In the first photo, the girl is seen in the passenger's seat of a car posing next to her boyfriend. The caption included with the selife read, "Chillin around with bae."

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Soon after the first photo was shared, a second one followed showing the speed on the dashboard of the car. "180 KM LMAO," the caption read. According to the photo, the couple was driving at a shocking speed of 112 mph.

The selfies that followed highlighted the consequences of the boyfriend's dangerous driving, with the first showing the girl dimly lit, lying on her stomach and covered in blood. "HELLLLLLLLLPPP" was written along with the pic.

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"We overturned the car," the next photo explained. The young woman was shown with her face completely bloodied and bruised as a result of the accident.

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The picture that followed showed the vehicle flipped over and completely totalled.

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In the last of the series of photos, the girl photographed herself lying in a hospital bed, bandaged and seemingly in a neck brace. Two friends were seen beside her while the girl smiled and gave a peace sign to the camera.

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The trend of taking selfies has become something of a danger for young people worldwide, as many become distracted and put themselves in danger. In August of last year, a young woman posted a selfie to Facebook with a caption describing a song she was listening to while driving.

Approximately one minute later, police were alerted to a car accident that ultimately killed the girl who took the selfie, The Independent reported.

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