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Girl Dies In Accident While Protecting Her Brothers

Indiana police report that 9 year old Alivia Stahl was killed in a car accident while trying to protect her younger brothers from the vehicle which ran into them. According to the police report, Alivia and her two younger brothers were crossing the highway on their way to catch their school bus that Tuesday morning. The driver of the pickup truck had failed to stop after seeing the three siblings and another 11 years old who was also heading for the school bus.

The truck driver, 24 years old Alyssa Shepherd, has been arrested and charged with triple homicide charges. The suspect reportedly told investigators that she had seen flashing lights but had been unaware that the lights were from a school bus until she could no longer avoid it.

Elgin Ingle, uncle to the three siblings, had spoken to the local news station saying Alivia had died trying to shield her younger twin brothers from the truck. The grief-stricken man said Alivia Stahl held the hands of her brothers, Xavier and Mason, to school daily. Ingle said when the accident took place, it seemed Alivia was trying to put herself in front of her brothers.

He said the 9 year old had gotten a brief second to think of the next action of escape and she had decided to put herself before her brothers. Ingle also talked about the reaction of the mother when she reached the accident scene, saying she had no idea which of her deceased kids to hold.

First responders and troopers who had probably come across similar scenes in the past had reportedly broken down to tears. Elgin also expressed his heartbreak with the tragic event, wondering aloud how he was going to break the news to his younger brother, the father of the deceased children.

Police Sergeant, Tony Slocum also expressed how emotional the accident scene had been. When the father of the children had arrived at the scene and was asked to identify his children, his reaction had broken everyone to tears.

Elgin Ingle mentioned that parents living close to the bus stop already make complaints of the bus stop which makes the children cross through the rural highway to get to their school bus.

The corporation of Tippecanoe Valley School made an announcement on Wednesday after the accident that the location of the school bus stop would be changed due to the accident. They also intend to take intense safety check of all bus stops in the town.

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