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Get Paid $100 Per Hour to Watch Dogs

A good number of people enjoy being in the company of dogs so much so that you would hear people refer to dogs as man’s best friend, dogs could be playful and are more often than not able to liven your mood, those who enjoy having dogs around them consider getting paid to pet and take care of dogs a dream job; the perfect job (it is quite possible that you would have heard at least one dog lover talk about how fantastic it would be to get paid to take care of dogs). For so many dog lovers, this is merely a dream they fantasize about ad wish for, for a few others, it is a reality.  

More the Just a Dream

For the intern who gets lucky enough to be selected, there is a dog center that is currently creating the opportunity to get paid as much as one hundred dollars ($100) every hour you take care of these lovely creatures. $100 is no doubt good money to play with dogs while their owners get food and enjoy their meals, you are practically being paid for doing what you enjoy. The dog park runs alongside a restaurant, dog owners no longer have to keep their pets at home whenever they go to get food, they could bring their dogs along and leave them at the dog park (an off-leash dog park) where the intern (referred to as the Puptern) gets to take care of the dogs and get paid.The dog park and restaurant known as MUTTS Canine Cantina is currently fully operating in Dallas, Texas and the new site is set to open in Fort Worth, hence, the need for the intern.

How to Become a Puptern

Now that you are aware that you could earn as much as $100 every hour to play with dogs, you would be interested in finding out how you can apply for this amazing job. MUTTS Canine Cantina is owned by Kyle Noonan who gives insight into the role of the Puptern: the Puptern is expected to function as a dog greeter that also helps to make dogs brought into MUTTS feel comfortable and remain happy for the period of time it would take for their owners to buy food and drinks. Anyone applying for the position of the Puptern is required to show how great he or she is with dogs by uploading a video or picture on Instagram using the #MUTTSpuptern hashtag. If you live within the Fort Worth area and can be creative about showing your love for dogs, then, you could be MUTTS next Puptern.

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