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Garbagemen Picking Up Trash Hear Odd Noise In One Of The Bags


In Reading, Pennsylvania, a garbage man proved that he was a true hero. Because he paid attention while he was on the job, he managed to locate a kitten that had been doused in gasoline and left to die in the trash. The cat, who has been nicknamed Miracle Maisy, was found dying in the trash when the garbage man came across her and saved her life.

Now she is in the care of a rescue center and recovering so she can go live with a foster family while they put her up for adoption. Maisy was in bad shape when the garbage man found her. She was malnourished, neglected and abused. But she received treatment and is now recovering and is expected to reach her ideal weight soon.


The foster family caring for the abandoned and abused animal has a goal of making her gain weight. They also need to make sure Maisy wears a sweater to keep her body temperature up as she doesn’t have much fat on her body to do that naturally.

The abused cat was found on April 4th covered in gasoline and left to die. The cat had blankets strapped around her body and was thrown into a garbage bag. She also got crushed when the truck compacted the waste in the back.

However, trash collectors from the Harold Adam Refuse Removal company found Maisy and were able to get her into the loving care of Humane Pennsylvania, which knew exactly what to do to call Maisy back from the brink of death.

The garbage men heard Maisy “meowing” while they were on the 500 block of North Front Street in Reading. They immediately started searching the trash bags and founded the cat wrapped in the blanket and covered in gasoline. Without another thought, they rushed the feline to the Humane Society of Berks County. Good thing, because Maisy needed medical attention immediately given the abuses she had suffered.


The Humane Society shared an update on Miracle Maisy via Facebook, claiming that she is “doing so well.”

They wrote on Facebook: “Miracle Maisy is doing SO well, she went home with her new foster mom over the weekend! Thank you to everyone who continues to ask about her well-being!”

They also shared more information about the cat and her recovery, writing:


“Over the weekend, Maisy was deemed healthy enough to be transferred into foster care! Donna, her new foster mommy, told us that Maisy seems very happy… and hungry! She won’t stop eating and drinking, which is good because we’re still trying to get her to an ideal weight. Maisy loves her chin scratched and having her pretty little head pet for hours! Her blood levels are back to normal, though she has a bit of tenderness in her hip area (radiographs showed no significant findings, so that’s good!). She is wearing a sweater per our veterinarian’s orders — Maisy was shivering the morning before she left Humane Veterinary Hospitals Reading, so it’ll help keep her body warm as she continues to recover. She has a recheck on Wednesday and will be up-to-date on her vaccines! Unfortunately, there has been no leads yet regarding her abuse case.”

Sources: WGAL / Photo Credit: Post Image

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