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Former Cheerleader Who Said She Was Too 'Pretty' For Jail Gets No Time Behind Bars


Last year, Lauren Cutshaw was arrested on a DUI charge, and went viral after she stated that she was too pretty to go to jail.

Now, the judge in her case proved the 34-year-old right by giving her a very light sentence with no jail time. Cutshaw also gets to keep her driver’s license.


On August 5, the real estate agent from South Carolina was pulled over after she blew through a stop sign, going over twice the speed limit.

As she was being transported to jail, Cutshaw whined: “I graduated from a really good, a really good university. I was almost the valedictorian. I graduated with a 3.8 in my high school and got a scholarship to my college. I was an all-American cheerleader. I mean, I didn't miss a beat my whole life. I've never been to jail. Please, I don't want to know what it's like.”


Her rant went viral.

Her statements at the police precinct were even more shocking, and according to a police report, she stated that she was a "very clean, thoroughbred white girl."


She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DUI and received a $187 fine and 24 hours community service. She is also required to take alcohol safety classes.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Inside Edition

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