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Footage Of 7-Eleven Employee's 'Religious Practice’ Sparks Online Debate

Photo Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

Photo Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

A video footage posted on social media sparked a heated debate online after a 7-Eleven clerk was caught washing his feet on the sink that was originally meant to wash hands.

The sink from the 7-eleven branch on Gratiot and 13 Mile Road in Roseville, Michigan, was also next to a coffee machine and just across a grill station.

Photo Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

Photo Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

A customer named Emily Divel was going over to the 7-Eleven branch to buy something from the store, but was caught aback when she saw the situation unfold in front of her. Right when the clerk proceeded to wash his feet on the sink, Divel then recorded the video and posted it over to social media, where many users debated the clerk’s actions.

“As I walked in I could hear him loudly spitting in the sink,” Divel said, and then also said that the man proceeded to wash his feet on the sink.

Action News asked the unidentified employee about the allegations.

The clerk explained that he washed his feet on the sink because it is a religious practice for Muslims before praying, as is mandatory for them to clean their feet, arms, and face at least five times a day before prayer.

Photo Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

Photo Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit

Many customers and online users had various reactions over the viral video.

One customer said: “I understand the prayer but washing the feet! You can wash your hands and have prayer but not your feet.”

“We don’t discourage religion but be sanitary working with food,” Divel said.

After the issue, 7-Eleven released an official statement regarding the matter.

“We take the cleanliness of 7-Eleven stores very seriously so thank you for making us aware of this incident and allowing us to investigate this matter.”

The State’s hygiene inspectors are also currently investigating on the issue at hand.

Sources: WXYZ Detroit

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