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First Lady Melania Trump Faces Backlash On Twitter Over National Day Of Prayer Video


First Lady Melania Trump released a video to mark The National Day of Prayer, assuring US citizens that they would “get through this together.”

Twitter users commented on the post, with many slamming her for the “robotic” performance, and comparing her to former first lady Michelle Obama.

She said in the video: "In these uncertain times, I know it is hard not to gather in your places of worship. But we must keep our faith in God and pray for the courage and knowledge that better days are ahead of us. We will soon return to work, and send our children back to school again. We will return to our places of worship to reunite with loved ones, attend sporting events and gather with friends to share some laughter.”

"Our dear citizens, through prayer and faith, we will get through this together. I am so proud of the way all of you have responded to this crisis. When we reach out to our Lord, let us remember: I can do everything through Him, who gives me strength. God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America,” she concluded.

The comments poured in, and some read:

"What the hell is this? Have we gone full dystopia here? Does no one see how weird this is?"

"Dear Melania. Stick to what u know best: nothing."

"She's so robotic. There's not a genuine, warm thing about her."

"Hard pass on anything she says."

"Everything about this video is creepy..."

"She has no emotions just like a robot. I wonder how many times they have to turn the knob on her back to make her speak."

"Ugh I can't even watch this woman. We went from Michelle Obama who had so much heart and personality to this fake robot."

"Melania’s videos look like hostage vids."

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