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First Grade Teacher Faces Backlash For Banning 'Offensive' Words In The Classroom


The parents of the McCordsville Elementary School pupils are upset after receiving a letter from their teacher, telling them that their first grade kids shouldn’t talk about “God”, “Jesus” and the “Devil” while at school, and that their children should be mindful of their language as to not offend anyone else’s beliefs.

The letter read: “With Mccordsville Elementary being a public school, we have many different religions and beliefs, and I do not want to upset a child or parent because of these words being used.”

According to the school’s report, a first grade classroom held a debate about God earlier this week. However, their teacher was not amused by this and proceeded to write a letter to the kids’ parents about their classroom expectations to their parents.


But the teacher’s letter does not seem to coincide with the school’s beliefs, as right after the parent’s received the letter, a handful of parents went to the school to complain.

The Indianapolis Star then interviewed Dr. Shane Robbins, the Mount Vernon Community School Corporation’s Superintendent regarding the case, and he said in response that the school does allow any form of theological debates and the usage of the said religious terms, as long as the class is not disrupted because of it.


 “In this situation, we want to be sympathetic to all our students with diverse backgrounds. But at the end of the day, they have the freedom to say things as long as it’s not disruptive to the environment,” he said.

“To simply summarize, MVCSC employees can neither advance nor inhibit religious views. Trying to limit a student’s view on religion is a violation of a student’s first amendment rights. However, if the discussion becomes an academic disruption, then as a district, we can intervene to maintain the integrity of the educational process while at the same time being sure to not violate a student’s constitutional rights.”

The teacher is still teaching the same class despite the allegations and is unclear whether she will receive any disciplinary action.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: RTV6

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