Female Cop: ‘Oh S***’ I Shot Him’

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When a female cop pulled over an African American man because he was not wearing a seatbelt, she drew her gun and shot him. The woman later claimed that she “pulled her firearm instead of her Taser” as she was trying to subdue the man, who did nothing wrong except not wear a seatbelt. The incident occurred in May 2018 in Lawrence, Kentucky and has been a source of controversy ever since.

When 35-year-old Akira S. Lewis was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, he thought that the officer would simply write him a ticket and then let him go on with his day. However, things did not happen like that at all. Instead, Lewis was left full of lead when Officer Brindley Blood shot him.


Because Lewis was upset about the way the Kentucky police were treating him for the harmless seatbelt violation, he demanded they respect him. However, Officer Blood tried to forcibly pull Lewis from his vehicle and then drew her firearm on him and shot him.

Dashboard video footage proves that Blood shot the unarmed black man because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.


Before the video footage was released, Blood claimed that she shot Lewis by accident when she forgot the difference between her service pistol and her Taser.

The video footage shows that she may not have been lying. In the clip, Lewis is heard cursing at the white police officer and asking to speak to her supervisor because of the way she was treating him over the seatbelt violation.


Lewis claimed that he was pulled over because he was black. This claim upset the first officer, and eventually, he calls in backup. Blood arrives on the scene and ends up pulling out her gun to shot the unarmed man.

Things get heated. Lewis tackles the officer who pulled him over, and Blood removes her service pistol and shoots Lewis in the back.

When she took the shot, he was on top of the other police officer, whom he managed to take down the other cop.


Lewis survived the shooting. He was charged with misdemeanors for his part in the emotional escalation of the incident.

Blood resigned from the police department in January after she had been placed on paid leave for months. She has since been charged with aggravated battery because she shot the unarmed man.

After the shooting, Lewis was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for the gunshot wound.


The affidavit in the case claims that Blood did not recognize the difference between her service pistol and Taser.

She said, “I shot, shot him. I pulled my firearm instead of my Taser.”

Defense attorneys for Blood admit that she made a mistake, but they argue that she did not act recklessly. Although Lewis was not armed and was pulled over for a “seatbelt violation,” things did get worse when officers “initiated physical contact and escalated a situation that could have been easily de-escalated by any number of interventions.”


Instead, Lewis ended up with a bullet in him.

“After this incident, there are serious concerns about the training officers received,” Blood’s attorney said.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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