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Father, Son Busted For Doing Something Truly Awful


When Andrew Renner and his son, 18-year-old Owen Renner went out into the deep wilderness of Alaska, they had just one plan – kill as many bears as they could. Renner, 41, and his son did not have the legal authority to do so. Nevertheless, they wanted bear blood on their hands and were eager to use their weapons. So when the father-son duo came upon a hibernating mother bear and her two cubs, they stalked into the sleeping bear den and shot the family dead – giving each other high-fives after the slaying.

Although Renner and his son knew the bears were not meant to be killed, they committed the illegal act anyway. How do we know? The bears that they shot and killed happened to be part of a study that had posted motion-sensor video cameras around the den. Andrew Renner and Owen trigger the cameras and then proceeded to commit their crimes in front of everyone.


The video has been released by the Alaska Department of Public Safety as the Renners stand trial for their heinous crime against mother nature and the state of Alaska.

“The video shows A. Renner and O. Renner skiing up to the den, and then O. Renner firing two shots at the denning sow. A. Renner then kills the shrieking newborn bear cubs and discards their bodies away from the den,” Alaska State Troopers wrote in the report at the time.

The video is very disturbing. It involves two men with no consciences shooting and killing a mother bear and her two cubs while they hibernate for the winter.

After they kill the animals, the men can be heard shouting about how “they’ll never be able to link it to us.” They’re so confident that they won’t be caught they high-five and then skin the mother bear right there in front of the recording camera.

Renner then says: “We go where we want to kill s—.”

On the video, they are seen shooting the cubs, who are screeching in fear because their mother was taken from them. The Renners get a sick pleasure from ending the animals’ lives and are happy to return to the site of the slaying later so they can pick up the “evidence,” including their shell casings. They also throw the bodies of the dead bear cubs in bags to be hauled away like trash.

However, the father and son were found guilty and were sentenced for illegally killing the bears back in January 2019.

Andrew Renner, the ringleader of the attack, received jail time. He will spend five months in prison along with two months of suspension afterward. He also must pay a $20,000 fine. He must also forfeit the property he used killing the bears.

Owen was sentenced to suspended jail time, community service, and must educate himself by taking a hunter safety course.

These men both must pay $1,800 in restitution. They also had their hunting licenses revoked. Renner’s for 10 years and Owen’s for two.

Do you think their punishments are harsh enough?

Sources: KTUU / Photo Credit: Post Image

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