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Father Forces Kids To Do Pushups And Eat Soap, Gets This Punishment

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A father in Kentucky has been accused of child abuse, using strenuous workouts as punishment for breaking house rules.

It’s normal for parents to instill discipline through a variety of means, and it’s also normal to encourage children to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, it’s out of the line for parents to use abuse and strenuous exercises as a form of punishment.

It is reported that 40-year-old James Kidwell, who weighs 340-pounds, subjected two of his children to abusive acts between January 24 and 28, Mount Vernon police reports state.

Kidwell reportedly forced both his 11-year-old and 13-year-old to perform 30 minutes of push-ups, and this led to one of the children getting rug burns on the knees.

Other than the workouts, the father is also accused of forcing the children to eat soap, which caused one of the children to develop mouth sores. A chest bruise on one of the kids provided evidence that Kidwell also punched them.

Kidwell also forced the two children to stand two steps away from a wall and to lean on the wall using their foreheads for 30 minutes.

Kidwell was arrested by the police in January 2019 and charged with criminal abuse and his bond was set at $10,000.

However, it was not revealed who reported these incidences of abuse to the police.

There have been no mention of where the children will be staying and the mother’s whereabouts still remain unknown.

Sources: WKYT / Photo Credit: Springfield West-Sun

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