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Father And Son Harass Deer Hunter In Sobbing, Profanity-Laced Confrontation

Sources: ViralOne

Sources: ViralOne

A bow hunter found himself in a confrontation with a sobbing boy who called him out for hunting deer in Long Island. Video shows the hunter explaining to the boy that death is “a part of life.”

30-year-old Dominick Lobifaro was confronted by an Oakdale man and a boy who weren’t happy that he was scoping out a nearby wooded area of state-owned land, the video showed.

“Hey, the kids wanna know — why you wanna kill deer?” an unidentified man asked Lobifaro, who was sitting in his truck.

“Cuz I eat them,” said Lobifaro, a Brooklyn resident. His response prompted the boy with a hockey stick in his hand to cut him off.

Sources: ViralOne

Sources: ViralOne

“What did the f–cking deer do to you?” the boy asked.

Lobifaro told the two that he was recording the argument, which occurred in front of several other kids on scooters and bikes.

Moments earlier, the unidentified man told the kids that Lobifaro was in the area to “kill all the deer,” prompting one of them to start crying.

“I’m sorry that they’re crying — you need to explain to them that it’s part of life,” Lobifaro said.

The boy was not satisfied by Lobifaro’s answer, and asked him if he would like to see one of his own pets killed.

Sources: ViralOne

Sources: ViralOne

“I’m not trying to do anything bad,” he said. “And I’m going to eat [the deer]. Instead, you let somebody else kill it.”

The unidentified man called Suffolk County police, accusing Lobifaro of having an “issue” when they asked him to leave.

The boy was more direct: “Leave! Now! You’re an a–hole! F–k you!”

The confrontation ended when Lobifaro called the state Department of Environmental Conservation. A responding officer confirmed that Lobifaro was there “100% legally” and had the necessary permits.

Sources: ViralOne

Sources: ViralOne

A source at the agency confirmed that Lobifaro was within his rights to hunt on DEC-owned wetlands.

“Are you kidding me?” Lobifaro exclaimed.

Sources: New York Post

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