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Family Builds Electric Fence Around Their 'Offensive' Signs To Keep People From Stealing Them


The Election Cycle, who cycles 1,000 miles across the United States, met one family who had taken extreme measures to protect their Trump lawn sign on his New Jersey pit stop by electrifying their fence.

The Paitakis family lived in Franklin Township, New Jersey. They said it started out with one sign and then after six Donald Trump lawn signs were taken from their own yard, they decided to build an electric fence and a dog cage around their new signs. This is to protect it from getting vandalized or stolen.


The reporter says, "Eventually they added this electrified fence. If they even touch the sign, they're going to get zapped."

He further states that "Their son says he witnessed a thief. He stopped in front of the sign, got out of the truck, got the sign."

The news report also states that it is not just Trump's signs but Hillary Clinton's signs as well. "The amount of yard signs being stolen is reflective of the amount of enthusiasm that's out there."

John Paitakis, a member of the family, stated that "We started out with a smaller [fence], but people were actually crushing it and stealing the signs."


Because of what was happening, they opted to install a camera in a nearby tree. It would be taking pictures of any of the trespassers and which would then lead to the police identifying the potential suspects.

The reporter asked the Paitakis family on what their neighbors think of what's happening to them. The Paitakis family then stated that they did not find much support from their liberal neighbors.

"I spoke to one guy, a little bit of a liberal. I said we have our Trump signs in a dog pen, and he says, 'That's right where they belong.'" John Paitakis stated.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: ABC News

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