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5 Things You Can Do With Epsom Salt

Everyone loves using Epsom salt because of all the benefits it provides. I personally, always have it stacked up in my home mainly for the relaxing feel it gives me whenever I get home from work. While taking a soak in the tub, mixing Epsom salt in the water fills the room with a soothing aroma anyone would love after a stressful day.  

It was quite surprising for me to learn that the salt has so many other benefits. Epsom salt contains properties such as sulfate and magnesium which originally offer a lot of health benefits. Here are some more things I learned Epsom salt could be used for.

1. It cures constipation

Epsom salt helps cure constipation. This is one of the benefits which attracted doctors to the salt. When you ingest the salt, it pulls water into your colon to make it easier and possible for you to pass a stool. To achieve this, add a teaspoon of Epsom salt into a glass of water, mix properly and drink. To improve flavor, you can add drops of orange or lemon juice. Note that before taking Epsom salt for treatment, you should consult your doctor first. This is because people with heart or kidney problems might not be eligible to ingest the salt.

2. Relieves body ache

Epsom salt helps relieve body aches. If you just started taken on exercising at the gym and your muscles feel sore afterward, Epsom salt can provide you relief from the pain. If you also suffer from chronic pains such as chronic neck pain or chronic back pain, Epsom salt can give you relief. To get this, mix the salt and water in the same ratio and the leave it in the fridge to cool off. When it does, apply it to the aching muscles for relief.

3. Treats dry lips

Epsom salt can help you treat dry lips. Whenever the weather gets cold or dry, lips begin to crack or get chapped. Mixing Epsom salt with a little quantity of Vaseline can help protect your lips from this dryness. After mixing the salt with Vaseline, apply it over your lips as you would apply lip balm, and in no time, you'll get rid of those chapped lips for smooth, fresh lips.

4. It treats hair

This is one trick people with thinning hair would love. Adding Epsom salt to your conditioner in an equal ratio can help treat your hair. Mix the conditioner properly with the salt and apply the mixture in your hair. Rinse off after 20 minutes. This helps take out unwanted oil from your hair, causing it to become fuller and healthier.

5. Keeps gardens healthy

As mentioned above, the two major properties in Epsom salt are magnesium and sulfur. These two properties are great for your garden as they make very good fertilizers. Especially if your garden could use some extra magnesium. Epsom salt helps make your garden healthy and green. To get a green garden, sprinkle the salt around your garden - you can sprinkle more on yellow areas. You can also mix the salt in the soil to make your plants grow better

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