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Drunk Drivers Who Kill People To Be Punished With Death Penalty In This Country


Some countries believe that the death penalty is the right way to go for certain reprehensible crimes. Whether they are the sexual assault of a child or murder, every country has its own rule. Kenya, recently, for example, has decided to institute the death penalty for poachers caught killing the country’s most beautiful animals. Taiwan has decided to increase the penalty for convicted drunk drivers to be death by lethal injection – and most people are cheering at the change.

In Taiwan, the government wants people who get behind the wheel while intoxicated to be fierce. Because people put other lives at risk when they drive drunk, Taiwan wants its motorists to understand the risk – to their own lives. If someone kills another person while driving drunk, then they will face the death penalty.

In late March, Taiwan’s cabinet has approved a draft of an amendment to the Criminal Code that would allow prosecutors to pursue the death penalty for any person who killed another while driving drunk. The change to the law would make it possible for homicide by drunk driving to be indictable as a murder offense and not just manslaughter or something less dangerous in the courts. If the deed is found to be “intentional,” which most drunk driver cases are, then the death penalty could be the punishment.

Although the death penalty for drunk driving position has not yet been approved – it is pending final say by the parliament, it has been met with a lot of support, and just as much resistance.

The maximum penalty that people can get for killing someone while drunk driving is only ten years behind bars. That’s not enough many people believe. Residents of the Asian country want perpetrators to face the wrath of the government, especially since they put people at risk when they get behind the wheel drunk.

The new law would not just institute the death penalty. It would also increase the length of jail sentences and have stricter punishments for repeat offenders – those who commit another offense within five years.

“Cases of drunk driving leading to death are rampant… drink drivers recklessly caused accidents that took lives and destroyed families to result in irreparable regret,” the Justice Ministry said in a statement.

In January, a 40-year-old man got behind the wheel while intoxicated. He smashed his car into a taxi. He killed three people and injured three others, including himself.

Taiwan believes that men like him deserve to face the death penalty. The people want drunk drivers to know how serious their actions are.

Few countries seek the death penalty for such cases. China and the United States have been known for putting murderous drunk drivers to death. Texas, for example, does not hesitate to use lethal injection to punish people indicted on “capital murder” if they do something truly heinous while behind the wheel of their car drunk. In 2014, one Texas man plowed his vehicle into a crowd, killing four. But prosecutors instead sought life in prison for him.

Do you support this strong law?

Sources: ABS-CBN / Photo Credit: Post Image

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