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Driver Hits Cat With Car, Then Does The Worst Possible Thing After


A driver in California felt a bump. It was not a speed bump. It was something living. Instead of driving away as many people would do, the California driver pulled over and stepped out of the car to see what they had hit. It was a cat. A small, innocent creature that was writhing in pain from getting run over by a multi-ton vehicle.

The driver then did something that few people would do – but many think they hardly went far enough. The driver bent down and picked up the injured cat and moved it over to the side of the road so it could die. They could have called an animal rescue organization. They could have called animal control. Instead, they left it in the grass and drove away, wiping the incident from the conscience, telling themselves they had “done enough.”


As it turned out, there was a witness the whole scene, and that person had a heart of gold. They placed a call to Stray Cat Alliance, who arrived on the scene and tried to come to help the injured cat. As it turned out, the cat was not nearly dead at all, but it was injured. They took the cat in and named him Oscar.

“Oscar was still very much alive, and luckily someone witnessed it!”

Although Oscar was living, he was in very bad shape. “He was disoriented, and there was so much blood,” the rescue organization wrote on Facebook following the incident.

They rushed him to the vet who started providing life-saving treatment to the cat.

“Oscar is still in shock, but his vitals are good,” the group wrote. “He is stable, which is great news. However, he does have significant head trauma, as they did a pricey CT scan and we are waiting for the results. We are going to do everything possible to save Oscar’s life.”

While they are doing what they can to keep the cat alive, the medical bills continued to rack up, and we’re getting to be very expensive.

The vet loaded Oscar up with tranquilizers to keep him subdued and relaxed. Those also helped dull the pain.

However, he has a long road ahead of him.

“He still has a long road ahead, but everyone is confident that he will make a full recovery.”

Not only did the CT scan show he was in a bad way, but it also revealed more obvious injuries like the fractures in his face including “his palate and the orbit around his eye.”

The rescue group added, “It’s painful for him to eat, so a feeding tube was inserted, which he is tolerating well. He needs continued hospitalization and special care, but he will continue to improve every day.”

Thankfully that witnessed, that Good Samaritan, watched the California driver abandoned Oscar to die on the side of the road and decided to ACT. If it weren’t for that person’s heart of gold, the adorable cat would not have made it. Now Oscar is on the path of recovery and will go into a foster family and be put up for adoption where he will hopefully find a loving home.

Sources: The Animal Rescue Site / Photo Credit: Post Image

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