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Dog Bites Off And Eats 4-Year-Old’s Hand. Now The Dog’s Fate Is In Your Hands


Do you know the saying, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Well, one dog wondered what was so wrong about biting the hand with the food if the hand could also become food. Following an incident in Utah, when a dog bit off the hand of a four-year-old child and ate it, two Siberian Huskies have been put into quarantine away from any member of the public.

Now that the animal is being considered for punishment, thousands of people are coming forward to protect the dog. Because its life is likely in danger, people are signing a petition to rescue the dog from euthanization and a fate some believe the Siberian husky deserves.

While a child was trying to play with a neighbor’s dog on Sunday, he lost an arm. The boy was actually taunting the animals. He put a sock on his arm and then stuck it under the fence into the neighbor’s yard to provoke the animals.

Because the dogs had no idea what the “sock creature” was that was coming through under the fence, they lashed out. One of the dogs went for the neighbor’s boy’s arm and bit it, tearing it off.

The boy screamed as the dog tore his arm off, and then allegedly ate part of the limb.

When emergency workers rushed to the scene, they could not locate the meddling boy’s hand. They are therefore almost certain that the dog devoured it as an after lunch snack.

Layton Fire Battalion Chief Jason Cook said that the limb was probably eaten.

There is now a petition circulating the internet demanding that people sign it to save the dog’s life. It reads:

“Bear, who was playing with what he thought was a toy, bit down too hard and didn’t see that there was a child on the other side of the fence. With him being a dog, he thought it was a game of tug of war, and he bit down too hard and took a lower portion of his arm. This situation is unfortunate on both sides.”

If the boy had never disguised his arm like a dog toy and taunted the animal with it, he would not have lost his hand.

The person who started the petition wrote that they are the “best friend” of the dogs’ owner and are worried that the Huskies will be killed because of an unfortunate mistake.

“Both dogs are in quarantine at Davis County animal control. There are fears that Bear might be put down and he doesn’t deserve to be put down for this freak accident,” the petition continues.

As of Wednesday, a few days after the accident, more than 100,000 people signed the petition to save the dog’s life.

Meanwhile, the injured child, who has remained anonymous, lost his entire hand and two inches of his forearm. The boy’s father, who was inside the house when the accident occurred, called 911 when he saw that the dog had ripped off his son’s hand.

Do you think this was just an accident and the dog should live?

Sources: Global News / Photo Credit: Post Image

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