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Doctor Finds 'Black Spots' On Toddler, Discovers Grandma's Disturbing Secret

Doctor Finds 'Black Spots' On Toddler, Discovers Grandma's Disturbing Secret Promo Image

A Haltom City, Texas, grandmother pleaded guilty to the murder of her grandson and appeared in court to begin sentencing.

Patricia Flores pleaded guilty to the March 2016 murder of 2-year-old Lyfe Flores. At the time, Patricia told police that her grandson accidentally got into a hot tub of water that she was using for cleaning.

"His feet, almost all the skin was burned off," Haltom City Police Officer Heather Hudson, one of the first officers at the scene of the crime, told WFAA. "There were black spots, like dead skin or infection. And his genitals and buttocks were burned very badly."

Patricia, who was her grandson's CPS guardian at the time, told authorities that she thought she could treat his burns because of her nursing background.

In court, family members sobbed while photos of the boy's injuries were shown.

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"When you see a patient who’s about to die, they have a look to them. And I've seen several," Cook's Children ER Doctor Catherine Moore said. "This young man had that look." Moore said during testimony that the injuries the boy suffered were like nothing she'd ever seen.

"I’ve seen lots of abuse; I’ve seen lots of trauma," she said. "I have never seen a child before him that was -- that suffered -- I think is the best word to say."

Many readers questioned the grandmother's innocence and particularly her decision to fill the tub with scalding hot water.

"Seriously, who fills their bathtub with scalding hot water to clean? And then leaves the door open so a two year old can get to it. Does she not have a kitchen sink? Personally I've never used scalding hot water to clean, there's plenty of products with bleach that does a fine job! This, imo, was no accident!" one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

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"I have been cleaning my house for my entire adult life and I have NEVER needed a tub of scalding water to do it. If she didn't want custody of the child she should have said so instead if making him pay the price for her discontent. I'm more then willing to settle his score with the insane b***h if they would let me," another wrote.

"I don't believe for a minute that grandma filled a scalding hot bathtub of water to "clean!" Who does that??? I'll be she did that on purpose to punish the boy. Along with some of the purportedly missing teeth.... I'm sure that was probably deemed "punishment" as well! Abusive people need to pay for abusing children!!!" another added.

Sources: WFAAMad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: NBC Dallas via Daily MailPixabay

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