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Did This TV Show Host Pop Her Shirt Open, Expose Her Breasts On Purpose? (Video)

An Italian newscaster is regretting her choice of attire after a wardrobe malfunction led to her revealing more than just the news (video below).  

The Daily Mail reports that Marika Fruscio was clad in a low-cut top while presenting live on air for Channel 7 Gold in Italy.  One side of Fruscio’s dress malfunctioned and her right nipple became exposed during the live, on-air production. 

In the video, Fruscio’s two male co-stars can be seen trying not to look as she attempts to fix her wardrobe malfunction without seeming that discouraged by it. 

Fruscio​ is famous in Italy for her bubbly personality and large breasts -- she registers a size 37G bust.  

Sources: Daily MailChannel 7 Gold via YouTube / Photo credit: 7 Gold Telepadova via Daily Mail

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