Deputy Was A 'Human Shield' In Car Crash


Deputy Sacrifices Life To Save WomanPosted by Opposing Views on Thursday, March 17, 2016

When Florida Deputy Jon Kotfila saw a woman in danger, he sacrificed his own life to save her. SHARE this video to honor Deputy Kotfila's incredible bravery and service.

 A wrong-way driver sped down the Selmon Expressway Saturday. The driver barreled toward Sarah Geren who was in her own car. Just before the two collided head-on, Deputy Jon Kotfila took the blow with his own vehicle. Sarah says she is certain Kotfila sped up to protect her from harm. Both the Deputy and the driver lost their lives. This is the 8th auto-related death of a police officer this year. Kotfila’s sacrifice will not be forgotten.

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