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Depressed Senior Dog Discovered, Then Police Notice Something Odd About His Coat


Whoever told you that dogs don’t have feelings, has never spent much time around dogs. Although dogs might not have the same depth of emotion that human beings do – there is not an animal on the planet that can match that – dogs certainly do have feelings and express them as well. So when a family abandoned their senior dog, he fell into a depression as he was left begging for food on the street.

Because some families only want a dog when they’re fun – like when they’re a puppy or in optimal health – there are some people who will abandon their animals at the first sign of illness or old age. While some of these people will euthanize the critter, others will simply drive over to an abandoned part of town and drop the dog or cat off and hope that it can fend for itself – or get eaten by wolves in the process.


Ray was just eight-years-old when his family abandoned him. He is a Labrador retriever, a great animal with a kind heart. Nevertheless, he found himself homeless and alone on the streets of Torrance, California after his family dumped him by the wayside.

Because of neglect, his body was skin and bones. His eyes were also covered with crust because of the hot sun and dry landscape. He was hardly coping with the state of affairs in his life. Not only did he look malnourished and neglected, but his fur was also missing in places, which indicated that he had begun suffering from mange.

Thankfully, animal rescue workers from the Carson Shelter nearby found Ray and brought him into their place. Volunteers noticed that Ray had been abandoned by his former family, so they gave him a little more attention and love than the others. He needed it because he had known a happy life and had it ripped away from him.


Because the shelter volunteers showered Ray with love and kindness, his health started to recuperate. It also didn’t hurt that they had access to medicines and ample food, which he desperately needed so he could get back some of the body weight he had lost during his time on the street.

When he was in better health, the shelter put him on their adoption list. But Ray was a senior dog, and no one seemed to want him for their family.

Although he had such love for people, those who came into the shelter didn’t seem to want him. It was a theme in his life. He was just not getting the love that he needed.


One day, his luck changed. A family came into the shelter, and although they were looking for a puppy, Ray called to them. The family got a chance to play with him and immediately felt the connection they longed for in a pet. They adopted Ray and brought him home with them, and he’s been living happily ever after ever since.

What do you think about Ray’s story of being abandoned to finding love again?

Sources: ILOVEMYDOGSOMUCH / Photo Credit: Post Image

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