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Denver Police Officer Fired After Sharing Photo With 'Controversial' Caption


The Denver Police Department revealed that an officer with the department had been fired after he posted a picture of himself and two of his colleagues wearing riot gear, with the caption “Let’s start a riot.” The three officers were manning the local George Floyd protests.

On Tuesday, the department tweeted that the officer, Thomas McClay, had been fired after “an Internal Affairs investigation into a social media post” was carried out.


The tweet read: “ALERT: Regarding the Instagram post featuring 3 DPD officers posing in riot gear -- The Chief has ordered an Internal Affairs investigation into the matter. All investigations are closely monitored by the Office of the Independent Monitor. #Denver.”

“The Internal Affairs Investigation revealed that the officer violated the Department’s social media policy, posted content inconsistent with the values of the Department, and the officer has been terminated,” the department added.


According to KUSA, a local NBC affiliate, the department’s social media policy prohibits employees from posting about things that “could reasonably be considered to represent the views or positions of this department without written permission from the Chief of Police.”

The post, which was later deleted, shows three officers in riot gear standing side by side. A number of local news outlets were able to get a screengrab of the picture before it was taken down.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: 9 News

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