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Daycare Worker Shoves Little Girl, Forces Her To Eat


A daycare worker in Lubbock, Texas has done something she doesn’t want anyone to see. However, her act, which may be criminal, was caught on the cameras of the security system at the daycare center where she works. That means that the woman could face extremely criminal charges as the Lubbock police push the Lubbock County District Attorney’s office to prosecute the alleged assault charges that the woman appears to have committed.

As the video shows, the daycare worker in question appears to assault the child physically. Although there was security footage to prove what happened, the parents of the child were unaware that the evidence existed until January 17, which was nearly a month after the incident originally occurred on December 26.


Because the content of the video is extremely alarming, the Lubbock Police Officers took it upon themselves to also get the agents at Child Protective Services involved so they can bring the daycare worker who perpetrated the act of violence against the child to justice.

The violent incident happened at the My Little Playhouse Learning Center in Lubbock. The police got involved when the security footage surfaced online after a fellow worker at the facility seems to have published it to the internet.

In the alarming video footage, the daycare worker grabs a child by the hair. She then gets physically abusive and shouts at the little girl, “stand up” and “no ma’am, eat your food!”

When the mother and grandmother of the victim saw the footage, it was already all over the internet via social media. They said that when they saw their trusted daycare worker committing the act of violence against the child, they were “furious” and demanded that Lubbock police launch an investigation to get charges against the woman.

“I was at work. Blood was just boiling. I was just hurt,” the mother of the victim Laquitta Wilson said. “I can’t believe this. These people are crazy.”

The victim’s grandmother felt the same way. Her name was Shanna Walker, and when Walker saw the video, her first thought was to rush to the daycare and confront them.

“I got my other grandchildren that I had at the time, and I got in the vehicle, and I said let’s go because I am going to hurt somebody,” grandma Walker said.

Not only did the victim’s grandmother appear at the daycare, but her aunt also did as well.

“Then they wouldn’t let us go in, you know what I mean,” aunt Alice Robinson said. “Well they come out of the side door said it’s being taken care of, well no, who is she, where is she at cause we want to have some, we have some questions for her. Why would you do that?”

Meanwhile, the owners of the daycare My Little Playhouse Learning Center issued a statement.

“The owners and Directors of My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC were made aware of video footage on social media at approximately 11:45 am. Staff involved were fired immediately.”

What do you think should happen next?

Sources: Fox 34 / Photo Credit: Post Image

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