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Daycare Worker Never Misses A Single Day Of Work, Then Her Boss Demands She Go Outside With Him

Photo Credit: YouTube via HeartEternal

Photo Credit: YouTube via HeartEternal

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people all across the country are experiencing random acts of kindness even amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A cancer survivor and daycare employee was shocked and reduced to tears when her boss told her to come outside to see something (video below).

Veronica Solis, a cook at Kids' College Learning Center in Edinburg, Texas, loves her job and has never missed a day of work, even when she was battling cancer.

Recently, Solis was late to work. Her ride to work had already fallen through several times and, worried about her position at the daycare center, she told her boss to find somebody to replace her.

Solis' boss, Alex Rios, didn't take her advice.

When Solis arrived at work several days later, he told her that they would be filming a commercial that day.

Rios brought the camera crew into the kitchen while Solis was busy cooking meals for the children. He talked to her on camera and she explained why she loves her job.

He then told her to meet him outside as soon as possible.

When she walked outside, he surprised her with her own car. Solis was shocked and immediately broke down in tears.

Rios told her that he wanted to do something special for her because she had been such a faithful and hardworking employee. When he had realized she needed a reliable vehicle, he jumped at the opportunity to help.

Watch the video of Rios surprising Solis below:

Sources: SF Globe, YouTube, HeartEternal

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