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Dad Takes Away Daughter's Phone After Finding She Sent 'Cruel' Text Messages, Gets Arrested


Ronald Jackson, a Texas dad who was arrested after confiscating his 15-year-old daughter’s iPhone, claimed his arrest was as a result of police bullying.

Jackson stated that he confiscated Skylar’s phone because she had been allegedly sending cruel messages to the daughter of his new wife.

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, he stated that he “doesn’t consider it cruel punishment."


However, Skylar’s mother filed criminal charges, and Jackson got arrested and was charged with theft of property.

However, Jackson maintained that he was only arrested because his ex is dating an officer in the local department.

He claimed that he was the victim of police bullying, but authorities stated that that was never an issue.


“The PD shouldn’t be interfering with my ability to discipline my daughter,” Jackson said.

The case was heard in a Dallas court, and Skylar testified against her father. After two days of testimony, Jackson was found not guilty.

“It was a huge weight off my shoulders,” he said.


Despite the mess, Jackson held on to the phone, and stated: “I had to make sure I stood my ground and showed that when she's with me, I’m going to be able to parent her as I see fit.”

Despite the not-guilty verdict, Skylar asked that he sign away his parental rights.

Jackson stated that his relationship with Skylar is all but destroyed, because of a cell phone.

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