Dad Refuses To Let Son Attend LGBT Equality Lessons, Faces Potential Prison Sentence

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Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

51-year-old Jabar “Jay” Hussain kept his 9-year-old son at home for months to stop him from attending the school’s LGBT+ equality classes. Hussain is facing a fine and potential jail time for keeping his son away from school – Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock.

He stated that the “No Outsiders” program was incompatible with his Muslim faith and his rights. He maintained that the lessons created gender identity confusion in the young students, and prosecuting him breached his human rights, and was unlawful.

Paul Conranthe, Husssain’s lawyer, stated, "This prosecution criminalizes him for not submitting to teaching in breach of his rights."

Writing to the Birmingham City Council, Conrathe stated: "He (the father) considers the school’s approach presents a safeguarding risk to his child."

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

He claimed that the “No Outsiders” program created by Andrew Moffat promoted trangenderism and homosexuality, adding that the school "goes well beyond teaching acceptance for different types of families. For instance, it advocates for children to be whatever they feel they might be (including in relation to gender)..."

The letter to the council stated that the program "reinforces the message that it is 'good' to be transgender" and wrongly claimed that gender identity is protected under the Equality Act 2010.

In a previous statement aimed at Hussain, the school stated, "Whilst Mr Hussain may believe being gay and lesbian as well as transgender are morally wrong, they are protected characteristics under the Equality Act."

The program had previously been suspended after parents protested outside the school, but was revived a few months later. This sparked new protests.

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

Ofsted maintained that the program was “age appropriate” despite parents’ claims that it was not. Ofsted’s chief inspector criticized the government for not taking action against the protestors. The chief’s report also highlighted that “anxiety and concern” was present in the communities as relationship lessons were made compulsory in all primary schools in England.

A parent has to ensure that a child attends school. Long periods of absence could attract a fine of up to £2,500, a community order, or jail time for up to three months. The court would also issue a parenting order.

Parkfield Community School has yet to make a statement pertaining to the controversy surrounding the “No Outsiders” program.

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