Customer Faces Backlash Online For Complaining About Server's 'Unprofessional' Shirt

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Jason Lassiter, a customer at Chowder House in Fairbanks, Alaska, left a negative review on the soup and sandwich shop’s Facebook page stating that his server’s outfit was not “professional.” The server was wearing an anti-racist T-shirt at the time.

Lassiter stated that he did not need to see the employee’s “ideology plastered on a shirt.”

“This isn’t a professional shirt for work and will be the last time I visit your establishment,” he wrote in the review, which was later deleted. “I know my patronage alone won’t effect you but good luck with your social warrior campaign.”

The server, who goes by the handle Bryantinak on Twitter, posted a picture of the T-shirt and stated that his managers had been mad about the outfit. However, the managers later claimed that they had misunderstood.


Bryantinak captioned the picture: “Someone complained about me wearing my favorite shirt today on our Facebook page, now I can’t wear it at work anymore.”

Chowder House management was outraged by Lassiter’s review, which they called an “absurd complaint.” The restaurant also stated that Bryantinak could continue wearing their T-shirt (which reads: “hi. don’t be racist. thanks.”).

Bryantinak shared more tweets about the situation, and stated that Lassiter was being “roasted” on Facebook before deleting the review.

Bryantinak later revealed that Chowder House had decided to purchase “don’t be racist” T-shirts for its staff members. 


Thousands of Twitter users praised the restaurant for the response.

“Your boss is doing well. Kudos to y’all,” one person wrote.

“This thread is everything that’s good in this world!! Congratulations to you and your employees!!! Bravo!!” another one added.

Others slammed Lassiter’s review and called him “scummy” and “racist.”


“Lol ya cause ‘don’t be racist’ is a controversial statement. Glad he’s being roasted,” one person wrote.

“That’s a lot of words for ‘I’m racist,’” another one added.

Others asked how they could get the T-shirt, and Bryantinak shared a link of the Etsy page where he got it.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Twitter/Black Rights Are Human Rights

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