Customer Confronts Drive-Thru Employee Who Allegedly 'Took A Photo' Of Her Credit Card

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Trisha Ryan said that she caught a Burger King employee taking a picture of her credit card while she was at the drive-thru.

Speaking to WKRC, Ryan said that she had pulled up to the window to pay for her order, handing over her credit card. She then saw the employee hesitate for a second, prompting her to pay closer attention to what was going on.

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She said, “I saw him grab his phone, line it up, hover it over something on the counter, took a picture, then he did some more handwork and then he took another picture and gave me my receipt. So I said, 'Hey, I just saw you take a picture of my card.' He’s like, 'No, I didn’t,' and he continued to argue with me."

She then asked for the manager, who confiscated the employee’s phone and called the police.

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According to police, the phone allegedly had pictures of other credit cards.

Ryan canceled her credit card just to be safe.

To avoid becoming a victim of a similar scam, police recommend keeping a close eye on the cashier at the drive-thru, and regularly checking your bank statements to spot irregularities.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Local 12

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