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Customer Complains About Messed Up Order, Manager Gets Fired For Trying To Attack Him


A customer recorded the heated argument that erupted at a McDonald’s drive-thru window when he complained about his order.

Tyler Lamb began recording the incident when he saw signs of escalation.

Lamb had stopped at the McDonald’s in Dearborn, but found that some of the items he had ordered were missing. When he complained, he was advised to call the restaurant’s corporate office.

In the video, Lamb states: “Every time I come here I have a problem,” to which the manager replies, “Why do you come back?”

The drive-thru cashier, in a bid to save the moment, stepped in front of the manager and apologized: “Sir I'm sorry. I understand your frustration. But our policy is that we can't give you money.”

She then asked Lamb to make a call to the corporate office and explain the problems he faced with his order. A moment later, the situation escalated.

When the manager realized that she was being recorded, she rushed to the window and lunged at Lamb in an attempt to take his phone.

She’s heard yelling: You betta get me off your phone, for real!”

As she ranted and raved, she kept hurling insults at Lamb, including the n-word and “b**ch.” She yelled that recording her was illegal.

The cashier tried to hold the manager back, and Lamb drove off stating: “All right, you're fired.”

Speaking to WXYZ, Lamb stated that he did not understand why the manager got so angry, and that he believed he was the one who should have been upset.

McDonald's released a statement confirming that the manager had been fired. It read: “We have zero tolerance for any employee who disrespects our customers. We immediately terminated the manager upon learning of this incident. All personnel are trained to provide high-quality service to our valued customers.”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Facebook/Tyler Lamb

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