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You Can Now Send Creepy Clowns To Deliver Donuts To People For You

There is no better way to say a “Happy Halloween” than with a creepy clown.

Last year, it was Burger King Restaurants that gave out free whoopers to the first 500 people to dress as clowns. People on the streets who had no idea that this was going on were really scared because coulrophobia is quite common among many people.

Since Halloween is more fun with spooky and scary costumes and concepts, one Company is celebrating this spooky season by helping you to scare your friends and families out this season.

If you can’t be there to celebrate the Halloween season with them, you can get this company to do so on your behalf, and help put a smile on your friends or family members face, but not until after giving them a good fright off course!

Hurt Donuts can help you to deliver a box of sumptious donuts to that special person, but it will be delivered by a special person too.

A creepy looking clown will deliver the donuts to your friends or families, and give them a good fright, and they won’t even see it coming. They will probably be expecting the delivery to be from the normal delivery guy, so they will open the door without second thoughts, only to get the shock of their life, this will definitely give them a good fright for a minute.

Also, if you are trying to get back at someone for what they did to you on April Fools day, this is definitely the best way to get back at them. So, you can get Hurts Donuts to do this special delivery for you, but only if you live in a city where they have one of their locations. If you are not so certain there is a Hurts Donuts situated close to you, take a look at this list of their locations below;

• Branson, MO

• Coralville, IA

• Colorado City, CA

• Frisco, FX

• Fayetteville, AR

• Joplin, MO

• Kansas City, MO

• Katy, TX

• Lincoln, NE

• Middleton, WI

• Norman, OK

• Oklahoma City, Ok

• Tempe, AZ

• Tulsa, OK

• Springfield, MO

• Wichita, KS

• West Des Moines, IA

So if you live in any of these locations listed above, or live close to one, then great for you can get Hurts Donuts to carry out the special delivery for you. But be rest assured that the only thing that will get hurt is your family member or friend’s feelings, and no physical hurt will happen. Unless that person is someone that doesn’t get frightened easily, then you might as well give them a good hearty laugh with this special delivery. Then if you are able to get them frightened, don’t feel bad for doing that, at least you sent them a delicious box of donuts to enjoy.

Hurts Donuts are one delicious that you need to buy for yourself too, you will never regret you purchased once they hit your taste buds. 

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