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Couple Caught Having Sex On Subway Platform While Newborn Is Strapped To Woman (Video)

A strange and disturbing viral clip shows a man and woman being caught by bystanders having sex on a subway platform escalator while a baby is strapped to the woman’s chest.

In the shocking video, which has recently gone viral, the man and woman can be seen going at it in public on the escalator. The woman appears to be bent over, either unaware that people can see them or just not caring, while the man stands behind her, and the two engage in sexual intercourse.

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The display became too much for one bystander, who suddenly walks over and kicks the man to break them up, and suddenly, as the woman turns around, it’s revealed that she has a baby strapped to her chest with a harness.

It’s not clear if either of these people suffered the consequences of their actions, but it’s no surprise the video has gone viral. Check it out below.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, The Daily Record / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, YouTube


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